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36V Lithium Rechargeable Power Drill and Accessory Pack

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36V Lithium Rechargeable Power Drill and Accessory Pack

The Complete Handyman tools in a carry Case

36V Lithium Power Drill

36V Lithium Battery

Shifting Spanner

Pliers (standard & Longneck)



Box Cutter and many more

(all are pictured, and too many list)

Please note that accessories are a free addition, and unlike the drill, battery, and charger are not covered under a 12 month warranty.


This small wrench provides powerful power and performance in a compact size, and can help you drill holes in wood, install screws, etc. when decorating. It is very energy efficient and has a long battery life.
It is suitable for wood drilling, car tire screw loading and unloading, machine repair, and shelf work installation.




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